Centrally located at Clarence Park, we’ve provided cutting edge dental services to South Australian families since 2002.

Dr. Cathryn Gill

Dr. Cathryn Gill completed her Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2002 and has worked in Cairns and Adelaide. Cathryn loves all facets of general dentistry but most rewarding is seeing patients and their families over time.

Dr Cathryn Gill works with patients to help them prevent dental problems like toothache, rotten teeth and yellow teeth discolouration. In particular Dr Gill enjoys assisting families and particularly children, helping to make them aware of the importance of maintaining great oral hygiene so that they can keep a beautiful natural white smile for as long as they can.

She gets pleasure when she sees her child patients grow up with strong healthy teeth free from fillings and other oral health complaints.

As a Dentist, Cathryn has been able to increase the confidence and general appearance of her many patients by straightening teeth with Invisalign clear braces, brighten smiles with zoom teeth whitening, fix a broken tooth or bad teeth with Cerec porcelain veneers and reduce the risk of tooth decay through dental hygiene education.

Outside of dentistry Cathryn loves being a Mum of her two gorgeous children, Eddie and Charlotte.