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How Your Dentist Can Actually Discover Other Health Problems

There is a lot that your teeth, lips and gums can reveal about your overall health. According to research on the relationship between dental problems and other body health issues, these findings never lie about your overall health. In that case, a dentist can spot out quite a number of health issues by examining your mouth. That shows how it is important make regular dental visits. You can discover serious health issues at their early stages and find effective treatment. Here are a number of health issues that can be identified through dental checkups.

Heart disease

When you are suffering from periodontal diseases, there are a number of things that a dentist will consider before arriving at a conclusion. First, he will consider your age and determine whether you brush your teeth and floss on a regular basis. Secondly, he will look out for signs such as swollen gums, red bleeding gums and check out your family history. Lastly, he will look out for factors of cardiovascular risks as such as additional weight. At this point, he can determine whether you have a heart disease depending on the results of the medical examination.



In a dental clinic, a dentist will look out for quite a number of things before recommending diabetes treatment. First, he will try seeing if your mouth is severely dry. There is usually a certain level of spitting that is indicative of good health. If you spit less than the average person, you are likely to have a dry mouth. In addition, he will try to determine if you have chronic bad breath. Bad breath usually arouses suspicion. The healing rate -when you get accidental cuts in the mouth- is also considered in this case. If you happen to exhibit these signs, you are likely to be suffering from diabetes.

Crohn’s disease

There are a number of signs that are indicative of Crohn’s disease. In the gums, there is usually a presence of raised bumps that resemble cobblestones. These bumps appear around the mouth. This is because the inflammation that attacks the intestines also attacks the mouth leading to bumps. Since the bumps are rarely painful, it is quite hard for you to notice them. Your dentist notices them by looking into your mouth when you go for a dental checkup. Therefore, if you have bumps all around your mouth, you may be suffering from Crohn’s disease.

Acid reflux

More often than not, a person who is suffering from acid reflux condition will exhibit signs such as severe erosion at the bottom of the teeth. Substances with a pH of 5 or lower are capable of dissolving the tooth enamel. In particular, gastric acid records a pH level of 1.5, and is among the worst when it comes to substances that quickly eat away the tooth enamel.

It is important to visit a dentist in Adelaide every once in a while. This is because you can identify other health issues at their early stages and find effective treatment. So, practice good oral health and stay in touch with your dentist!