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Common Dental Problems In Adults

When it comes to the modern world of dentistry, there is some good news – research shows that the number of teeth Australians are retaining into old age is increasing.   However, the issue of oral health is not all smiles-unfortunately as the time.

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A Sensitive Teeth Survival Guide

Tooth sensitivity is incredibly common in Australia, with 45 per cent of Australian households having someone who suffers from sensitive teeth or gums. If you’re one of these people and you often avoid eating hot or cold foods because of the discomfort they cause.

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Do You Suffer From Bad Breath?

Most of us have bad breath in the morning, but for 50 per cent of the adult population, bad breath – also known as chronic halitosis – means a lot more than just waking up with bad breath in the morning.   However, while.

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What is Sleep Apnea and How Can You Treat it?

It’s not uncommon for people to snore, however, severe snoring and difficulty breathing when you sleep can be a sign of something more serious.   In Australia, more than 1.5 million Australians suffer from some form of sleep disorder. It’s also estimated that up.

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4 Myths About Baby Teeth Busted

There’s a lot of conflicting advice circling the web and parent’s circles about what you should and shouldn’t do when it comes to your child’s baby teeth.   To set the record straight, we debunk four common myths about how to look after baby.

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What Should You Do If You Chip, Fracture or Break Your Tooth?

Our teeth are incredibly strong. In fact, the enamel surrounding our teeth is actually stronger than our bones, making it the hardest substance in the human body.   However, just like our bones can break and lose their strength, so can our teeth. Despite.

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What’s the Difference Between Store Bought and Professional Teeth Whitening?

Healthy white teeth is something we all want, but unfortunately, drinking coffee, tea, and wine, and eating certain foods, smoking, and the ageing process, all take a toll on our pearly whites. These everyday lifestyle factors and improper oral hygiene can leave your teeth.

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What to Expect During and After a Root Canal Treatment

Getting a root canal treatment isn’t as scary as you might think. The procedure is actually relatively straightforward and much less painful than the decayed tooth itself. To help ease your nerves, we’ve outlined the procedure and what you can expect to experience both.

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How to Care For Your Teeth When You Have Braces

Getting braces is the first step towards improving your teeth.  They can straighten your teeth and improve your bite, and assist in treating any bite related jaw pain.  After treatment is complete, having aligned teeth can reduce plaque build-up and subsequently reduce your risk.

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How to Teach Your Children Good Oral Hygiene

Children aged as young as three can benefit from good dental care, which is why establishing a strong oral hygiene routine from a young age is so important. But, how can you get your kids excited about brushing and flossing?   Make Oral Hygiene.

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