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Top 4 Most Common Dental Conditions

Any experienced dentist will tell you for a fact that dental problems are never fun.  It gets worse with the fact that despite technological advancements and widespread awareness in dental care, people still have to deal with dental issues that can be avoided. The basics are simple – floss daily, eat well and consider regular dental checkups. Of course, that is easier said than done.

The best approach is to first understand some of the most common, painful and embarrassing dental problems. How do they occur? What causes them? What can happen if they are left untreated? That way, it becomes easy for one to avoid both acute and chronic dental issues. With that in mind, learn a thing or two about the following common dental conditions:

Bad breath


This is perhaps one of the most embarrassing conditions one can live with. Dentists refer to the condition as halitosis. Studies indicate that up to 80% of people living with the condition often have a serious dental problem to blame. Cavities, gum disease, dry mouth, bacteria and oral cancer are just but some of the main conditions that can either cause or aggravate bad breath. Contrary to what many people believe mouthwash and toothpastes cannot cure halitosis. The best that you can do is to visit a dentist for advanced examination and tests. The dentists can the rule out any of the aforementioned conditions, get to the root of the problem and offer you a permanent solution.

Tooth decay

Also referred to as cavities, tooth decay stands out as the second most prevalent dental condition in the world after bad breath. It is caused by plague, which is a sticky and smelly substance that forms on teeth. Plague builds up slowly then combines with starches and sugars from food. The combination produces acid which attacks tooth enamel and gradually corrodes it. Fortunately, tooth decay is one of the easiest dental problems to avoid. All you need to do is to brush at least twice daily and floss before going.

Periodontal disease

Recent studies indicate that periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease is lined to strokes and heart attacks. It is an infection that attacks and ‘eats up’ gums surrounding the teeth. It therefore doesn’t come as a surprise that gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss among adults. Periodontitis and gingivitis stand out as the two major stages of gym disease. Like halitosis and tooth decay, periodontal disease is easy to avoid. Brush your teeth twice daily and floss every night before bedtime.

Oral cancer

This is a serious, life threatening dental condition that affects millions of people around the world. Don’t believe that it’s common? Well, it is in fact believed that at least one person dies in the United States every hour from oral cancer. More than a million people get diagnosed with the diseases every year around the world. The disease affects the throat, mouth and lips. Unfortunately, there is nothing one can do to prevent it. The best you can do is to have it detected on time and treated before it gets out of hand.