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What’s the Difference Between Store Bought and Professional Teeth Whitening?

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Healthy white teeth is something we all want, but unfortunately, drinking coffee, tea, and wine, and eating certain foods, smoking, and the ageing process, all take a toll on our pearly whites. These everyday lifestyle factors and improper oral hygiene can leave your teeth discoloured or stained.

However, they don’t have to stay that way!

There is an abundance of teeth whitening products and dental whitening services available, but which is better; dentist whitening or store-bought whitening? We explore.

Store Bought Teeth Whitening


Off-the-shelf teeth whitening products come in a range of different forms, including whitening strips, gels and toothpaste. There are two types of store-bought teeth whitening agents; bleaching and non-bleaching products.


Bleaching products contain peroxides that help remove both deep stains and surface stains and will actually change the colour of your teeth. Whiteners available over the counter generally only contain less than 6% peroxide, while prescription strength and dental whitening treatment administered by an Adelaide dentist can contain as much as 20 to 40% peroxide.


Non-bleaching products are often considered less effective than bleaching agents. This is because they work by physical abrasion or chemical actions, removing only surface stains. They’re also considered a less effective option because, with extended use, they can actually damage/weaken your teeth in the long-term. Non-bleaching products usually come in the form of whitening toothpaste.


If you are considering purchasing an off-the-shelf whitening treatment, it’s best you consult your dentist first.



ZOOM! WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening

Our dentist in Adelaide offers ZOOM! WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening, which is clinically proven to whiten your teeth by up to eight shades in just one visit.


ZOOM! WhiteSpeed removes all signs of discolouration and stains, leaving you with a whiter, brighter smile within just a few hours. The whitening process is also a simple and comfortable one. To improve the appearance of your teeth, we will apply a bleaching gel to the surface of your teeth and then we’ll activate bright light technology that will help remove the tell-tale signs of coffee, tea, red wine and smoking. As part of your treatment, you’ll also receive the ZOOM! Home Maintenance Kit, which will ensure your teeth continue to look bright and healthy well into the future.


What Makes this Treatment More Effective Than Others on the Market?


There are a number of dental whitening treatments that can help improve the appearance of your teeth, however, a lot of these treatments require multiple dental visits and can result in varying amounts of tooth sensitivity.


The ZOOM! WhiteSpeed Teeth Whitening treatment can be completed in as little as two hours (but we recommend you get your teeth professionally cleaned first), and most patients experience little to no tooth-sensitivity after the procedure.


This treatment is also more effective than store-bought teeth whitening kits as it whitens both the dentine and the enamel of your teeth, and it’s more longer-lasting, as many off-the-shelf alternatives require continual usage.


To learn more about our advanced dental whitening treatment, or to make a booking today, contact the team at Advanced Dental Centre!